My Journey with Risk Recently (Back dated Nov 10th, 2017)

Lets Talk….

I’v lost thousands of dollars trading and have learned a lot… last week, October 31st, 2017 I’ve had my best week this year earning ≈ $2,000. Then  Sunday – Monday I proceed to lose 50% of my account. I believe my emotions really got in the way. I lost trades on Sunday just like the week prior and went down hill every single trade after (equity vs trade # curve below). So now I will resolve to not trade Sundays. Everyone says there is less volume and less market structure on sundays anyway. In addition, a lot of my lost trades were not documented and most likely out of session or traded on my phone. On my phone alone I can honestly say I’ve lost around 4K from trading. I believe phone trades are out of straight impulse/emotion which then started to become a snowball effect as I lost more trades and increased my position sizes. I think if I had managed my risk correctly/more efficiently then I would have lost less…. Lets just eliminate phone trading . Maybe thats the best way to mitigate risk overall!!

Nov 10


How will I do this?

Risk Management




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