Destruction once again

Hi Guys,

I did it again today. I put in 2 extra hours after work came home mad AF and just a little stressed and tired. What did I do next? I traded. I opened up the biggest position I possibly could after a lose and traded some more well into news. Now i’m back to my initial deposit. In hindsight doing this makes no sense, its prolonging where I would like to be.

I need to look at what my plan is again and follow it. I lost the trade and had my -10% for the week which then snowballed to a whooping -%37¬† -%42¬†after the dust settled. This definitely isn’t normal and unacceptable. Although I’m up 5% for the month it is still frustrating that I could have avoided that by just allowing the -%10 only.

Anyway, I need to find a way to gauge my emotion before I touch the trading floor otherwise this will definitely happen again. I will be cutting this trading week short until I can gather my emotions and then come back fresh either thursday or next week Tuesday.

wish me luck

TRade# by balance.. 1 day did this massive damage




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