Work-Trade Life Balance

Hey guys!!
Since I have a week and a half off I have had a lot of time to think & reflect about the long term & where I’d like to be as a trader and in my career. Truthfully I’d love to quit and go trade full time but some changes and conditions need to be met. I believe I would need to have a good amount of savings that will allow me to live for at least 6 months to a year if I am not profitable. In addition I will need x amount of dollars in my trade account and also become a super consistent trader making at least 60% of my monthly income so then I can maintain my current expenses. Off the top of my head I believe the minimum balance I need is around 15K-25K (1% a day).(Hopefully Regal Roble blesses me) At the lower bound making 5% a week I can earn at least 1-2K a Month which a portion will go towards my expense & remainder stay in my account. Another thing I’d have to look at is cutting my expense between OSAP, Car Insurance, Gym Membership, phone plan, food, leiser, Bank expenses…. something’s gotta give until I can afford again.

After looking at the schedule it looks like I only need to be earning 5% a week at 8K+ consistently in order to trade full time. anyway I’ll add more to this blog as my journey progresses.


I find it really weird to think about work every single hour of the day, even my days off. I’m not even sure if its normal or if I just can’t handle the stress which is suppose to come with any job right?!?

F that SHIT!! I know I’m worth more than a 9-5.

I put in hours and hours and still some B.S wage. Sure benefits are nice suuuure I get paid more than normal entry level roles but I really can’t see myself working for 5+ Years(not even  another 2). I got other goals and aspirations that I can’t do while working this demanding job. Truthfully I’m fucking lazy & I dont like red tap & Administrative tasks, shit annoys me. right now I’d even opt for working half the time & half the wage.

Anyway, I’ll end this rant with an excerpt from my time working so far. As you know corporations want you to work for every penny and some. few weeks ago my boss took some time off and still found time to answer emails Call me  and even get work done while taking time off  which is pretty insane….. That’s one thing I never ever want to do no matter how much you want to pay me.

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