What I’ve learned thus far….as a trader

So as of now I would be trading about 2 years serious and then about 4 yrs overall. It’s kind of crazy seeing how I haven’t even made it yet. I know what your thinking, why hasn’t he quit? why is he burning money? is he fucking stupid? well?

Truthfully, I am flawed as a trader…. I am human after all. I am not disciplined, I am chasing Money and need to continuously work on my psychology. Even now when I think about only risking 1% a trade and being consistent I’d be living life and profitable. Earlier this year, I made a goal for myself to earn 1 Million dollars from trading. I know what your thinking. is he fking serious? Yes I was, you know I think you should always be shooting for the stars.

So as of now I failed. I failed because I couldn’t stick to the process and I couldn’t remain consistent. all this mean is that I need to pivot, create new goals going in the end of the year and into next year. I will be starting over and will do it better.


I’ve connected my new account to myfxbook and deposited 500. This is live and will continue to leave it up. If you have any questions about how I trade or what trade comment below or send a message to NateFX@outlook.com.

Lets get these pips boys


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