Below are my new projections based on new lows! (Feb 28)
so the goal is to make 3 good trades a week. Losing is obviously inevitable but now if I can win 3 trades a week consistently then I will be on my way to 25K and eventually compound to even high levels! The projection below doesn’t account for loses but I’m sure I will have weeks where I let my winners run and exceed my weekly goals. lets keep in mind a 75$ day can be as simple as hitting my 5$ TP 3 times.

curve projection

so as W10 March closes we are sitting at 648 after commissions were taken. As Kevin Paker would say “strictly speaking I’m still on track.” see updated rolling schedule below. This rolling schedule is updated with the actually account size and then expected earning based on the contract size schedule and account(Mar 7). My new weekly goal is $725 which can happen in 1 trade or 3!. There are setups on the S$P500 every day and its definitely possible to take at least one of them!

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