Trading Goals (September 23rd – 28th)

I think I will start doing this weekly so I can keep myself more accountable instead of leaving it all in my excel sheets. So after reviewing my tradings last week for the 2 days I traded I noticed a few alarming things.

  1. lots size is still way to large
  2. risk to high
  3. too many trades during work hours
  4. traded on phone during high volatility
  5. more than half my trades were outside of my plan (how I’d like to trade)

so how will we go into this week doing a little less of those. I think the best way to conquer these all at the same time is to create a process geared towards risk, lot size, and clearly identifying my trading hours. This way I can be waaaay more process oriented and find ways to tweak and modify my process which will inturn change my behaviour once I consistently follow the process.

CREATE A CHECKLIST to use for alllll trades!!! thats it.

anyway just a thought for the week. I will begin working on the process and document my journey as I continue trading.

failed before I even got to POST THIS LMFAO


anyway, eliminated phone trades. legit did 1.5K on my phone in an hr.